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Cyper Quick EC

Cyper Quick EC

Generic Name


agricultural pesticide

Usage of Cyper Quick EC

Cyberquick is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide, which kills insects that infect fruit trees (pomegranate fruit trees...), vegetables, and greenhouse plants.
Effect method:
 Cyber ​​Kwik affects biting and sucking insects through contact and digestion, is used to combat fruit and leaf worms on vegetables and fruits, and is also used on field crops such as corn, wheat, and others as well.
Pre-harvest period: potatoes and sugar beet: 7 days.
                             Corn and cabbage: 14 days.
                             The rest of the crops: 10 days


1 Litter

Usage rate for Cyper Quick EC

Usage rate:
Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, red and yellow watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, onions, garlic, legumes:
Leaf fly, aphid, American worm, legos bug, cutworms, diamond butterfly, European stem borer, potato tuber moth, tunnel borers.
200 cm3/h
Watermelon fly 125 cm3 / h
Leafworms 180 cm3/ha
Cabbage leaf worm, cabbage flour, cucurbit fly, thrips 150 cm/ha Pea leaf weevil 100 cm/ha
Lobizia cluster worm, shoot worm, grape leaf worm, grape hopper 15 cm3/100 liter
Cereals and corn:
Cutworms, Sunna, Grain seedlings chewer 150 cm3/ha
Of cereals 120 cm3 / ha
Leafworms, European corn stalk borer 200 cm3/ha
Sugar beet:
Leafworms, tunnel borers begomia, cutworms, sugar beet moth, beet oxide 200 cm3/ha
Apples and almonds:
Of the apple, piercing buds, cherry fly, piercing branches. 20 cm3/100 liters of water
Apple fruit worm (local credit), apricot beetle, fruit fly, pear besla, leaf blight 15 cm3/100 liters of water
Of green peaches 10 cm3 / 100 liters of water


- Keep pesticides out of reach of children
 - Store the pesticide in its original container in a cool, ventilated place and tightly closed
Disposal of empty containers: - Do not use empty containers for any purpose
- Dispose of the containers by washing them 3 times, adding washing water to the spray tank, and then burying them in wasteland within a designated pit away from groundwater sources.


It can be mixed with most other pesticides except alkaline ones.


 Oral LD50 for rat 250mg/kg
Oral LD50 for rabbits 200 mg/kg
Antitoxin: There is no special antitoxin, treatment according to symptoms.
Toxicity to fish, bees, and birds: Highly toxic to bees, non-toxic, practical to birds, and toxic to fish


Each 1 liter contains:
Cypermethrin 250g/L