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Bye Fly

Bye Fly

Generic Name


pesticides for public health


Bay Fly is an organophosphorus insecticide that is fast and stunner, works by contact and digestion and has a long-term effect of 60 days, and is used in the form of a liquid for spraying or coating. Existing in public places such as restaurants, hotels, kitchens, hospitals, canteens, clubs, food factories, packaging workshops, farms, animal, bird, and horse pens, warehouses, buildings, homes, landfills, and others.

Usage of Bye Fly

Insecticide for public health pest control



Usage rate for Bye Fly

The percentage of using Bay Fly pesticide is 10 grams with 50 grams of sugar and 50 ml of water in the form of a coating.
It is used at a concentration of 10 grams, dissolved in 5 liters of water, to be sprayed on the surfaces to be combated and the places where insects breed and crack.
Keep Bay Fly in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place and out of reach of children, food, and animal feed.


Mixed with most pesticides except alkaline ones.


Each 1kg contains:
Azamethiphos 500g/kg