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Botasin 20%

Generic Name

phenylbutazone Sodium

Dosage Form

Therapy Group



Anti-pyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory non stroied active in arthritis, it is used as anti pyretic and anti inflammatory in horses, cows and sheep.


stop giving sodium salts (asalts diet)
control blood corpuscles especially when involved with coagulants.

Withdrawal Period

milk: 7 days -meat: 21 days

Usage and Dosage

it is used by slowly i.v & deep i.m injection in horses,cows and sheep:
Cows and horses:
I.V: 10-20 ml a day.
I.M.: 20-30 ml on the first day, 20 ml on the second day and 10 ml for next 1-4 days.
Sheep: I. V: 1ml /15 kg b.w.for 4 days.
I. M:1 ml /15 kg b.w.for 4 days.


phenylbutazone Sodium200mg