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Boron Net

Boron Net

Generic Name

Dosage Form



Usage of Boron Net

Boron is one of the important micronutrients for plants, which means that its presence in the soil is very essential for the success of many crops and fruit trees such as (apples, pears, potatoes, flowers, cabbage, grapes, citrus, sugar beet, tomato, sunflower) and others.


1 liter

Usage rate for Boron Net

Boron Net secures the plants' need from the element boron, as it is used as a spray on the leaves at the following rates: 
1- Potatoes, sugar beets, turnips: at a rate of 100-125 cm3/100 liters of water with the beginning of the formation of tubers under the surface of the soil, and the spraying is repeated every 15 days.
 2- Cruciferous family (cabbage, flower, cabbage): at a rate of 150-175 cm3/100 liters of water after transplanting 3-4 weeks, and it is preferable to repeat spraying every 20 days until the crop matures.
3- Fruitful trees and grapes: 200-250 cm3/100 liters of water at The beginning of the fruit set, the spraying is repeated 3-4 times.
4- Citrus: 225-250 cm3/100 liters of water with the beginning of the flowers coloring in crimson color. The spraying is repeated 4-6 times.
5- Wheat, barley, and corn: 50-100 cm3/100 liters Water together at the beginning of the appearance of the fourth leaf in wheat and barley and before the appearance of the male inflorescence in corn.
6- Onions and garlic: 50-100 cm3/100 liters of water two months after planting and 4-5 weeks before crop maturity and uprooting.
7- Protected crops And different vegetables: 100-150 cm3/100 liters of water at the beginning of flowering, and it is preferable to repeat the spraying every 15 days.


Each 100ml contains:
B2O3 9 %w/w