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Borine 50%

Borine 50%

Generic Name

Dosage Form



Usage of Borine 50%

Helps in the growth of the fruits of apples in a balanced manner and prevents the appearance and composition of the spots Filnah and within soft tissue- thus distorted.
Helps in the balanced growth of potato tubers and fruits of many plants such as lettuce and cruciferous (cabbage - flower) and prevents the emergence and the formation of hollow heart in it.
Help in raising the percentage of sugar diabetes Balhundr and prevents the emergence and the formation of hollow heart (black) in it.
Working on the homogeneity of open flowers and increase the proportion of the contract and not the loss of small fruits in the decade after the fruit trees and citrus fruits.
Lead to better specifications fruit marketing by increasing the rate of formation and storage proteins- and improving the growth form of marketing.
Leads to increased firmness and plants by installing the component of calcium in the cell walls- which leads to improvement in the specifications of the fruits of marketing as well.
At high PH soil- the absorption of boron- which have little or no so it must be secured to the plants by spraying on the leaves.
Increase the size of the benefit received by the cut Taatflan before completing their growth early Baloadi alkaline.



Usage rate for Borine 50%

Boron is considered of important nutrient for plants- especially in alkaline land that prevents absorption- so it is added to improve the growth of fruit and increases the weight and prevent Tflan parts and thus distorted. Used to Tfahiat and almonds and grapevines- citrus- olives- vegetables- potatoes- cauliflower- cabbage- sugar beet and tomato crops and ornamental plants and cut flowers- and others. 
Rate of use: spray on the preferred securities for the benefit of most of the material- preferably with the use of the material of irrigation water when the soil is highly alkaline and we want to take advantage of other elements affected by the high alkalinity. Rasha on paper: 25-50 g / 100 liters of water with irrigation water: a rate of 500 g / 1000 liters of water are added within the middle third of the time the tree irrigation. The article shall be added at the beginning of the growing season and repeated after the contract.


Each 100g contains:
B2O3 50%
Sodium 2 % maximum