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Black Tar

Black Tar Waxy Block

Generic Name

Coal Tar

Dosage Form


Snake and scorpion repellent


A material that is safe when used and non-toxic to humans. It repels snakes, scorpions, worms, insects harmful to public health, and animals of all kinds.
 *Use around homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, factories, parks, campgrounds, gardens, playgrounds, animal and bird pens, poultry houses, feed depots, and landfills. *These tablets are characterized by their ability to stay and effectiveness for long periods without being absorbed by dirt.

Usage of Black Tar Waxy Block

Repellent for snakes, scorpions, and harmful worms


500,1000g, 10 cubes

Usage rate for Black Tar Waxy Block

Black Tar tablets are distributed around the building or property perimeter, preventing snakes, scorpions, and insects from approaching this area.
Usage ratio:
For prevention: Distribute these tablets in populated areas in the proportion of one piece per 1 meter
For treatment: When we notice the presence of scorpions and snakes, these tablets are distributed at a rate of 3 pieces per meter around the building.


Store the item in its original packaging in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place 
**Keep the item out of reach of children, food, and animal feed.


Each 100g contains:
Coal Tar 90 %