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Atropin Injection veterinary

Generic Name

Atropine Sulfate

Dosage Form



Indications of Atropin Injection veterinary

For the treatment of muscular spasms as a muscle relaxant and anti-spasm, to decrease secretions of the gastrointestinal and respiratory system, as basic treatment in the cases of poisoning with organic phosphorus compounds in horses, cows, sheep, dogs & cats.


50, 100ml

Side Effects

As with all veterinary medicine, some unwanted effects can occur from uses. 
Always consult a veterinary physician or animal care specialist for medical advice before use.

No side effects have been detected yet for this product, a transient local reaction may occur at the site of injection. If you notice any serious effects or other effects not mentioned in this package, please inform your veterinary surgeon.

For a comprehensive list of all possible effects of this product, consult a veterinary physician. If any symptom persists or gets worse, or you notice any other symptom, then please seek veterinary medical treatment immediately.

List of side effects  include:

dry mouth,
blurred vision,
sensitivity to light,
lack of sweating,
loss of balance,
hypersensitivity reactions (skin rash), and
rapid heart rate

Usage and dosage for Atropin Injection veterinary

It is given by subcutaneous injection twice a day on the first day then once a day for week.       
Cats: 0.01-0.03 ml.  
Sheep and goats: 0.5-3 ml.
Dogs: 0.03-0.5 ml.   
Cows and horses:1.5-6 ml.
In the case of poisoning with organic phosphorus compounds give it by intravenous 
Cats and dogs : 0.1-0.2ml/10kg
Cows: 5-10 ml /100kg  Horses: 1-2ml /100kg

Withdrawal Period

for Meat: 5 days, for milk: 3 days.


Each 1ml contains:
Atropine Sulfate 10 mg