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This product contains the active intergradient Ivermectin with paste excipient to be used orally for horses and foals. It is used to control larva and adult stages of internal parasites in horses in addition to roundworms which resist Albendazol derivatives, carotid stages of lung worms, gastro and gastrophllus. In general it is active against large roundworms, small roundworms, lung worms, oxyuris, ascaris, gastro worms, gastro threadworms, skin worms and gastrophllus.


This product is for horses only. Do not use it for dogs; it may cause here death.
Do not smoke or eat while applying the dose.
Wash hands well after treatment.
Get ride of empty injectors. Burn or earth them and do not throw it them near water flows for environmental safety.

Withdrawal Period

21 days.

Usage and Dosage

It is used for horses in different ages within or after pregnancy and for little foals orally as 0.2 mg / kg b. w.
Each injector contains 120mg Ivermectin and that enough to treat 600kg b. w
How to apply: Insert the edge of the injector in the space between teeth and rise horse head for few seconds after dosing. It is preferred to treat all horses in the same time to get the best result. Do not use the same injector to treat different animals unless they are in the same pale. Treat foals when they are 6-8 weeks old.