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Alpha Speed EC


Alpha Speed ​​insecticide from a broad spectrum Albaarthuroad- eliminates most of the insects that infect apples and almonds and other fruit trees- insects and vegetable greenhouses. <br>Way influence: alpha affects the speed and sucking insects- biting through the contact and digestion- and is used to combat worms and fruit worms- leaves- Hoppers- as well as used on corn crops- wheat and others as well. <br>Pre-harvest: the vine: a week from the date of spraying. <br> Fruit trees and other crops: two days from the date of spraying.


Uses a smaller focus in the case of minor injuries. Mixed alpha speed with most other pesticides- preferably an experiment before use.

Usage and Dosage

- Apples and nuts: <br>Of apples- insight into buds- cherry fly- perforating branches- by 20 cm 3 / 100 liters of water <br>Worm apples- apricots- beetle- fly- fruit- pears Salé- the lesions securities- increased by 15 cm 3 / 100 liters of water <br>Of gr


Alphacypermethrin 100g/L