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Almofid Premix fort

Almofid Premix fort veterinary medicine / product

Dosage Form


Vitamins & Minerals

Indications of Almofid Premix fort

The product is used in poultry, cows, horses, and sheep as a general tonic, as an appetizer, after long treatment by antibiotics, and in cases of vitamins and metals deficiency which are important for the body to increase the growth and resistance against diseases.



Usage and dosage for Almofid Premix fort

It is used with fodder as 1 kg /ton


Each 1g contains:
Vitamin A10000 IU
Vitamin D32000 IU
Vitamin E20 mg
Vitamin B12 mg
Vitamin B26 mg
Vitamin B64 mg
Vitamin B1220 mcg
Nicotinamide30 mg
Calcium pantothenate10 mg
Folic acid1 mg
Mn80 mg
Fe40 mg
Cu5 mg
Zn50 mg
I0.7 mg
DL-Methionine2.5 mg