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Erythro 10%
Erythro 10%
Product Name : Erythro 10%
Pharmaceutical Form : Injection
Groups : Antimicrobial
Packages : 100ml
Composition :
Each 1ml Contains:
Erythromycin   100   mg
Indications :
In general; it used in cases of respiratory and lung infections (pneumonia), intestine infections, foot rot, metritis, fever cases and stress caused by transporting or shipping different animals, the cases of shock caused by pasture nature, after giving vaccine or using horn growth preventing substance in caws, calves, camels, sheep and goats.
Usage and Dosage :
used by slow and deep muscular injection:
Cows, calves and horses:
0.5 � 1.0ml/40kg b.w.
Sheep and goats: 0.5 ml/ 40 kg b. w.
(Once daily for 3 � 4 days)
Drug Interactions :
Contraindications :
Warring :
Side Effects :
Notes :
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